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8 June 2018

SCALJET team is delighted to share the positive results of our In Vivo Trial which was carried out at PRAXI MEDICA wet lab, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


Dr. Pierre MONOD, President of SCALJET, assisted by Dr. Revaz KHARTCHILAVA, Director of PRAXI MEDICA Moscow and Dr. Nikoley GRIGORIEV, Head of Department Urology at Medical School European Medical Center Moscow, had the opportunity to validate the performance of the SCALJET® Aero-Hydro-dissector (see picture below).





The aim of this trial was to conduct both open surgery and laparoscopic surgery with our current prototype, in order to highlight both Surgeons and Patients benefits of our unmatched technology. 


The outcome of this trial has been so encouraging that we are happy to announce the development of our next generation device for Laparoscopic Hydro-dissection applications. 




Again a big “THANK YOU” to both Dr. Revaz KHARTCHILAVA and Dr. Nikoley GRIGORIEV (from left to right) for facilitating this trial and to Dr. Valentin RUBANOV, member of the Surgical team at Urology Department European Medical Center Moscow, for his highly appreciated assistance during these tests. 


We look forward to performing other In Vivo Trial at PRAXI MEDICA wet lab with our next generation device.  

To be continued…


15 May 2018


We are pleased to announce that SCALJET has a new Advisory Board Member with M. Stefanos KONANDREAS, for Design & Product Development. 


Stefanos Konandreas brings over 15 years of experience in Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing acquired in both Medical Device and High-Tech companies such as SoPlus, Zimmer Surgical, Juvaplus and Electro Medical Systems.


On top of his amazing background, Stefanos  is also know as the 1st author and co-author of multiples industrial patents that have been granted, and won several design awards.

Welcome Stefanos ! On the road to make a great team together, expanding SCALJET ambitious plan to offer smarter Hydro Dissection solution!! 


15 October 2017

It‘s a great pleasure to introduce the talented team of scientists from the 2017 Master II Lab’Science Trading from Grenoble UFR Chemistry and Biology.


During their Sales & Marketing courses, this team of scientists will conduct Health Economics & Outcomes Research, as well as consolidating clinical data to confirm SCALJET’s value proposition.  This team will closely interact with medical professionals around the world such as doctors, surgeons and nurses to gather feedback about SCALJET’s technology* and its promising applications in surgery.












From left to right: Gloriya GATEVA, Xiyu QIAN, Laura NEYT, Alain VUILLAUME (Vice-President Operations, SCALJET), Ali ABBASI, Ghislaine PELLAT (Manager Sales & Marketing at UFR Chemistry and Biology), Dimitri TISSOT, Patrick LELORIEUX (President, Investment & Business Consulting), Mary BABOJIAN, Amna DERROUICHE, and Nadim MIRA.

* SCALJET’s unique and patented "Aero-Hydro" technology consists of the creation of a non-invasive “Blowing Effect”, using two convergent high pressure micro-jets (70µm diameter jets at 60 to 150 bars), which creates a clear focal point, arming medical professionals with an unrivalled level of accuracy and quality in dissection and in transection.

23 June 2017

It is a great pleasure to announce the signature of a 

Market Study Agreement between SCALJET and LabScienceTrading (Grenoble UFR Chemistry and Biology).

All through Q4’ 2017, twelve MBA LabScienceTrading students will have the opportunity to work on the real case study of SCALJET, whose focus is on the highly promising usage of high pressure micro-jets in Surgery.



Mrs. Ghislaine PELLAT, Manager Sales & Marketing 

from UFR Chemistry and Biology and M. Alain VUILLAUME, 

Vice-President Operations from SCALJET.


10 May 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Website as well as our LinkedIn page !

Visit us:

Follow us on LinkedIn



20 December 2020

Scaljet & Microdatec-Saphintec Strategic Partnership

We are delighted to announce that in line with our Strategic & Development Plan, Scaljet has signed an exclusive R&D Partnership Agreement with Microdatec-Saphintec for the development, miniaturization and production of its patented micro-nozzles. 


Microdatec-Saphintec, a Swiss high-tech manufacturing company, located in Le Locle is specialized in the precision machining of sapphire, ruby and technical ceramics. Theses ultra hard materials offer exceptional characteristics such as resistance to wear, distortion, temperature extremes, chemical exposure and are perfect electrical isolators. Microdatec-Saphintec successfully manufacture multi-jets orifices with a single and exact convergence point. This indispensable technology is now secure for Scaljet.

This Strategic Partnership not only grants Scaljet exclusive capabilities to industrialize multiple variants of convergent stream nozzles with a single and exact convergence point, it also allows us to upgrade our genuine Scaljet "Aero-Hydro” dissector with even more functionalities. Add on functionalities include modularity in the focal point distance, diameters of micro-jets, and expanded potential for surgical procedures.

Thanks to this Strategic Partnership, Scaljet now has the advantage of benefiting from Microdatec-Saphintec’s amazing high-precision manufacturing expertise and know-how that already benefits the Medical Device, Aerospace and Automotive industries on a global scale.  

From now on, Surgeons can virtually pick and choose the nozzle of their choice according to the surgical procedure requirements!

This Strategic Partnership makes us more confident than ever that Scaljet is on the verge to offer the next generation device for Minimally Invasive fine Hydro-Surgery, and we will be honored to share with you the outcomes of our next In Vivo Trials scheduled in 2021. 

More to come soon…


19 December 2018


Good Design®,one of the world’s most prestigious Design Award Prizes organized by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design was awarded to SCALJET for the outstanding design of its “Aero-Hydro dissector”, in the Medical category.


This High-tech design masterpiece was created to improve Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery, with the focus of providing benefits to both Surgeon and Patient.  

SCALJET’s device aims to reduce traumatic effects thanks to it patented “Blowing effect”, a fan of fluid and air which lifts the elements surrounding the organs, allowing for easier identification and a safe dissection of the organ itself without any damage to the arteries, veins and less bleeding.

"We are confident that SCALJET is on the path to become the Gold Standard for Minimally Invasive fine Surgery."

For more information, please use the following link:

13 - 16 November 2017

SCALJET@MEDICA 2017, Düsseldorf, November 13-16.

If you want to know more about our company and technology, contact us to schedule a meeting!


27 January 2017

SCALJET received the “Award of the Best Operative Technique” from Professor Sergey Petrovich Darenkov, Chief Urologist of Administration Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Head of the Urology Department at the Central State Medical Academy.

Dr. Pierre Monod, SCALJET President & Chief Medical Officer introduced our Technology at the Russian Urological Videoconference, Moscow.

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