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SCALJET has developed a brand new medical device, the 1st ever designed "Aero-Hydro dissector" with its exclusive and patented "Focal Point" which can be either used as a Hydraulic dissector or as a Hydraulic scalpel, using micro jets of physiological saline sterile solution with low flow, with no limitation of applications, in all surgery types. 

The innovation of SCALJET Aero-Hydro dissector is based on the creation of the “Blowing Effect” produced by two extremely thin convergent hydraulic micro-jets. 

The convergence of these micro-jets generates a fan of fluid and air which lifts the elements surrounding the organs, thus allowing an easier identification and a safe dissection of the organ itself without any damage to the arteries, veins and less bleeding.

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Exclusive Technology

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Dual     Functionality

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Key Benefits 

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